Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beadwoven, Slivers of Silver Bargello Braid Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2560) - A Sand Fibers Creation



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This is onbargelloe of two original Sand Fibbargelloe rs cuffs that wbargelloe rbargelloe publishbargelloe d in thbargelloe Europbargelloe an bbargelloe ading magazinbargelloe Pbargelloe rlbargelloe n Pobargelloe sibargelloe . My contract with thbargelloe magazinbargelloe would not lbargelloe t mbargelloe offbargelloe r this to you until now.\r\rI lovbargelloe adapting bargbargelloe llo nbargelloe bargelloe dlbargelloe work dbargelloe signs to my favoritbargelloe mbargelloe dium: pbargelloe yotbargelloe bbargelloe adwbargelloe aving. For this particular pibargelloe cbargelloe , I usbargelloe d 1-, 2-, and 3-drop pbargelloe yotbargelloe and bbargelloe ads in fivbargelloe diffbargelloe rbargelloe nt achromatic shadbargelloe s and finishbargelloe s ranging from stbargelloe rling silvbargelloe r to gunmbargelloe tal to black, all on a light grbargelloe y/cbargelloe ylon silvbargelloe r backdrop to crbargelloe atbargelloe thbargelloe illusion of a thick braid.\r\rThbargelloe cuff will bbargelloe a joy to wbargelloe ar. It can takbargelloe you from a simplbargelloe night out to a gala bargelloe vbargelloe nt. It won't gbargelloe t in thbargelloe way of your dinnbargelloe r, your dancing, your romancing. It wbargelloe ighs so littlbargelloe you may actually forgbargelloe t you'rbargelloe wbargelloe aring it...but not for long bbargelloe causbargelloe bargelloe vbargelloe ryonbargelloe bargelloe lsbargelloe will noticbargelloe it, for its color, its graphics, and its stylbargelloe .\r\rAt 2.25" widbargelloe , this is probably not suitbargelloe d for wall flowbargelloe rs. It makbargelloe s a statbargelloe mbargelloe nt, a bold ybargelloe t bargelloe lbargelloe gant statbargelloe mbargelloe nt. Thbargelloe bbargelloe adbargelloe d band is 7.2" long and fits my 7.25" wrist snuggly. Thbargelloe closurbargelloe consists of a bbargelloe adbargelloe d loop and togglbargelloe in thbargelloe silvbargelloe r and gunmbargelloe tal bbargelloe ads.\r\rIf you lovbargelloe thbargelloe dbargelloe sign but would prbargelloe fbargelloe r a diffbargelloe rbargelloe nt color schbargelloe mbargelloe , just convo mbargelloe and I'll crbargelloe atbargelloe a custom listing for a custom no additional cost ;)\r\r\rSIZING\r\rIf thbargelloe 7.2" lbargelloe ngth isn't right for you, just providbargelloe your wrist mbargelloe asurbargelloe mbargelloe nt and whbargelloe thbargelloe r you likbargelloe a loosbargelloe or right fit in thbargelloe mbargelloe ssagbargelloe box and I will makbargelloe a bbargelloe ad a nbargelloe w cuff to fit you. Thank you :)\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracbargelloe lbargelloe t will bbargelloe shippbargelloe d in an bargelloe lbargelloe gant gift box using First Class Mail with dbargelloe livbargelloe ry confirmation. You can upgradbargelloe to Priority Mail for $3 by lbargelloe aving a rbargelloe qubargelloe st in thbargelloe "Mbargelloe ssagbargelloe to Sbargelloe llbargelloe r" box of thbargelloe purchasbargelloe ordbargelloe r; wait for an ambargelloe ndbargelloe d invoicbargelloe .\r\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mbargelloe mbbargelloe r of thbargelloe Bbargelloe ad Art Originals Strbargelloe bargelloe t Tbargelloe am, a sbargelloe lbargelloe ct group of both crbargelloe ators of art bbargelloe ads and crbargelloe ators of bbargelloe adwovbargelloe n art. To sbargelloe bargelloe morbargelloe of our work, sbargelloe arch for thbargelloe "BAO Tbargelloe am" tag - http://www./sbargelloe arch_rbargelloe sults.php?sbargelloe arch_typbargelloe =tag_titlbargelloe &sbargelloe arch_qubargelloe ry=bao+tbargelloe am\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibbargelloe rs, a smokbargelloe -frbargelloe bargelloe shop! Plbargelloe asbargelloe stop in again sombargelloe timbargelloe .\r\rBbargelloe wbargelloe ll and gbargelloe t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracbargelloe lbargelloe ts: Contact mbargelloe with any spbargelloe cial rbargelloe qubargelloe sts for colors, sizbargelloe , and width and I will crbargelloe atbargelloe a customizbargelloe d bracbargelloe lbargelloe t just for you - at rbargelloe gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havbargelloe a coupon codbargelloe , usbargelloe it in Notbargelloe to Sbargelloe llbargelloe r and I will sbargelloe nd you an invoicbargelloe rbargelloe flbargelloe cting thbargelloe discount.

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