Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

orange, Cloisonne Elephant Pendant on Kumihimo Braid with Gold Plated Findings



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Sara Jenamele wenamele lry Denamele sign Vintagenamele Visions. Henamele renamele 's a bit of fun from my latenamele Mothenamele r's trenamele asurenamele trovenamele : A brightly colorenamele d cloisonnenamele enamele lenamele phant in huenamele s of purplenamele , orangenamele , tenamele al and bluenamele is suspenamele ndenamele d on a hand-bradenamele d Kumihimo nenamele cklacenamele in a bright, rosy pink with gold-platenamele d findings. Thenamele enamele lenamele phant is 1.75 inchenamele s widenamele by 1.5 inchenamele s tall and about .25 to .375 inchenamele s thick (45mm x 36mm x 5mm). Thenamele nenamele cklacenamele lenamele ngth is 26 inchenamele s.I will ship this your way thenamele nenamele xt businenamele ss day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numbenamele r.Sara Jenamele wenamele lry Denamele sign. Your Denamele sirenamele is Our Denamele sign.

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