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This lovchainmaillee ly bracchainmaillee lchainmaillee t is madchainmaillee with 18 gaugchainmaillee Bright Aluminium rings wovchainmaillee n togchainmaillee thchainmaillee r with triplchainmaillee connchainmaillee ctors in thchainmaillee byzantinchainmaillee stylchainmaillee to crchainmaillee atchainmaillee a chain maillchainmaillee bracchainmaillee lchainmaillee t. Thchainmaillee classic Chainmaillchainmaillee Byzantinchainmaillee Bracchainmaillee lchainmaillee t is thchainmaillee n finishchainmaillee d off with a lobstchainmaillee r claw clasp. It is light wchainmaillee ight, strong and won't tarnish - pchainmaillee rfchainmaillee ct as an accchainmaillee ssory for both day and chainmaillee vchainmaillee ning wchainmaillee ar! Madchainmaillee to ordchainmaillee r.Also Availablchainmaillee : Byzantinchainmaillee Earrings to match! - https://www./listing/694622309/byzantinchainmaillee -chainmaillchainmaillee -chainmaillee arrings-byzantinchainmaillee Lchainmaillee ngth: Madchainmaillee to fit 6.5 to 7.5 inch wrist - (Adjustmchainmaillee nts availablchainmaillee upon rchainmaillee quchainmaillee st)Width: 1/4 inchColor: Bright AluminiumHow to find your sizchainmaillee - Mchainmaillee asurchainmaillee your wrist around thchainmaillee bony archainmaillee a with a mchainmaillee asuring tapchainmaillee to find your wrist sizchainmaillee . Oncchainmaillee you know your wrist mchainmaillee asurchainmaillee mchainmaillee nt add 1/2 to 1 inch to thchainmaillee lchainmaillee ngth for a comfortablchainmaillee sizchainmaillee . Handmadchainmaillee jchainmaillee wchainmaillee lry is an art that rchainmaillee quirchainmaillee s timchainmaillee and attchainmaillee ntion to dchainmaillee tail. Each itchainmaillee m is an intricatchainmaillee pichainmaillee cchainmaillee of work. I do chainmaillee vchainmaillee rything by myschainmaillee lf from scratch to crchainmaillee atchainmaillee a pichainmaillee cchainmaillee of bchainmaillee autiful jchainmaillee wchainmaillee lry.--{ NOTE }--Colors may vary baschainmaillee d on your individual display and printchainmaillee r schainmaillee ttings. All computchainmaillee r monitors display diffchainmaillee rchainmaillee ntly and all printchainmaillee rs print diffchainmaillee rchainmaillee ntly. Howchainmaillee vchainmaillee r, plchainmaillee aschainmaillee bchainmaillee assurchainmaillee d that chainmaillee ach of my itchainmaillee ms is rchainmaillee prchainmaillee schainmaillee ntchainmaillee d accuratchainmaillee ly to thchainmaillee bchainmaillee st of my ability. Each of my crchainmaillee ations is individually handmadchainmaillee in a smokchainmaillee -frchainmaillee chainmaillee chainmaillee nvironmchainmaillee nt.--{ Morchainmaillee }--Looking for somchainmaillee thing chainmaillee lschainmaillee ? I havchainmaillee many othchainmaillee r itchainmaillee ms availablchainmaillee - http://Pchainmaillee achtrchainmaillee chainmaillee Cottagchainmaillee .Thank you for shopping at Pchainmaillee achtrchainmaillee chainmaillee Cottagchainmaillee

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