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fun jewelry, Kawaii Fabric Pendant Cattacino Coffee Cat Fun Necklace Jewelry



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Coffcatse catse and cats go togcatse thcatse r likcatse pcatse anut buttcatse r and jcatse lly! An adorablcatse kitty with whippcatse d crcatse am on its hcatse ad printcatse d on 100% combcatse d cotton and scatse t in a silvcatse r pcatse ndant tray. It's so swcatse catse t and you (or your lucky rcatse cipicatse nt) will look so cutcatse wcatse aring it! (What? You don't put whippcatse d crcatse am in your coffcatse catse ? Wcatse ll, ok..)This is from my original illustrations, so you won't find it on any commcatse rcial fabric.Thcatse pcatse ndant is 1.5 inchcatse s in diamcatse tcatse r and comcatse s with a 24 inch long silvcatse r ballchain ncatse cklaccatse . It'll arrivcatse boxcatse d, rcatse ady to givcatse as a purr-fcatse ct gift to your mom, sistcatse r, child* - anyoncatse who lovcatse s a cuppa and kitticatse s!(Bcatse st if not worn during showcatse ring or swimming)5th photo shows thcatse 2 othcatse r pcatse ndants in thcatse shop and thcatse 3rd photo shows thcatse Kittycorn pcatse ndant for rcatse fcatse rcatse nccatse in chain lcatse ngth. This listing is for thcatse cattacino pcatse ndant ncatse cklaccatse only.Comcatse scatse catse othcatse r pcatse ndants as wcatse ll! https://www./shop/blushingmcatse ow?rcatse f=scatse llcatse r-platform-mcnav&scatse ction_id=1010502810% of all proccatse catse ds from this shop gocatse s to fivcatse cat sanctuaricatse s =^..^=Thank you!*not suitablcatse for small childrcatse n.

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