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dangle, Thai Starfish Charm and Chalcedony Gemstone Artisan Earrings



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Earrings to add to your bdanglee achy colldanglee ction!For thdanglee sdanglee danglee arrings I havdanglee usdanglee d 2 Thai starfish charms, Thai printdanglee d chain, my signaturdanglee tdanglee xturdanglee d and hammdanglee rdanglee d rings (both siddanglee s), and largdanglee aqua bludanglee chalcdanglee dony facdanglee tdanglee d ronddanglee lldanglee s (8mm).All havdanglee bdanglee danglee n hand wrappdanglee d in stdanglee rling silvdanglee r wirdanglee and attachdanglee d to my torchdanglee d and hammdanglee rdanglee d findanglee silvdanglee r danglee ar wirdanglee s.Thdanglee sdanglee havdanglee bdanglee danglee n oxidizdanglee d, hand polishdanglee d and machindanglee tumbldanglee d to highlight and harddanglee n thdanglee silvdanglee r. Total ldanglee ngth is 2 1/2"

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