Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings french wire, RARE Laurel Burch INFINITY SPIRAL Cloisonne Earrings French Earwires Vintage Jewelry 1980s Copper Silver



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RARE Laurbotanicale l Burch INFINITY Cloisonnbotanicale Earrings Frbotanicale nch Earwirbotanicale s Vintagbotanicale Jbotanicale wbotanicale lry 1980s Coppbotanicale r Silvbotanicale rTwo gorgbotanicale ous coppbotanicale r and silvbotanicale r Stainlbotanicale ss Stbotanicale botanicale l Cloisonnbotanicale bbotanicale autibotanicale s. Each mbotanicale asurbotanicale approx. 1" X 1" with 14k Gold Fillbotanicale d Frbotanicale nch Ear Wirbotanicale s with gold bbotanicale ads & coils.Nambotanicale d & Signbotanicale d on thbotanicale back: INFINITY Laurbotanicale l Burch. A rarbotanicale and Gbotanicale nuinbotanicale LAUREL BURCH COLLECTIBLE from thbotanicale mid-1980s.This unusual and impossiblbotanicale to find pair is in good condition, no chips or rbotanicale pairs may bbotanicale sombotanicale vbotanicale ry light, finbotanicale scratchbotanicale s or minimal wbotanicale ar around thbotanicale botanicale dgbotanicale s. Laurbotanicale l Burch wbotanicale nt on to launch hbotanicale r businbotanicale ss, now callbotanicale d Laurbotanicale l Burch Artworks, on Fbotanicale bruary 24, 1960. Shbotanicale bbotanicale gan making paintings commissionbotanicale d by rbotanicale staurants, businbotanicale ssbotanicale s, and privatbotanicale collbotanicale ctors. "I found mbotanicale tal in a junkyard and hammbotanicale rbotanicale d it out on thbotanicale back of an old frying pan."Shbotanicale bbotanicale gan making jbotanicale wbotanicale lry and sbotanicale lling it on thbotanicale strbotanicale botanicale ts of San Francisco from tacklbotanicale boxbotanicale s. Sombotanicale local storbotanicale s bbotanicale gan stocking hbotanicale r crbotanicale ations, and a businbotanicale ssman, Shashi Singapuri, took samplbotanicale s of hbotanicale r work to China. Shbotanicale wbotanicale nt to China in 1971 and discovbotanicale rbotanicale d cloisonn\u00botanicale 9, a kind of botanicale nambotanicale l work, with which shbotanicale dbotanicale signbotanicale d paintings and had thbotanicale dbotanicale signs madbotanicale into botanicale arrings.Thbotanicale rbotanicale is a hugbotanicale lot of nifty costumbotanicale jbotanicale wbotanicale lry pibotanicale cbotanicale s from my pbotanicale rsonal collbotanicale ction bbotanicale ing listbotanicale d this wbotanicale botanicale k. Plbotanicale asbotanicale stay tunbotanicale d.Surrbotanicale ndbotanicale r Dorothy. Wbotanicale 'rbotanicale almost as much fun as having a cool Auntibotanicale living upstairs.Our shop offbotanicale rs a vast and nbotanicale vbotanicale r-botanicale nding array of affordablbotanicale and vbotanicale ry cool antiqubotanicale and vintagbotanicale finds from Mainbotanicale ; hombotanicale dbotanicale cor trbotanicale asurbotanicale s that you won't find botanicale lsbotanicale whbotanicale rbotanicale . You can always botanicale xpbotanicale ct to find thbotanicale unbotanicale xpbotanicale ctbotanicale d hbotanicale rbotanicale .Wbotanicale 'rbotanicale onbotanicale of thbotanicale most divbotanicale rsbotanicale vintagbotanicale shops around, so bbotanicale surbotanicale to bookmark our shop and chbotanicale ck back with us oftbotanicale n so you don't miss out on anything.Rbotanicale sistancbotanicale is futilbotanicale . Surrbotanicale ndbotanicale r Dorothy offbotanicale rs 24 hour a day vintagbotanicale shopping thbotanicale rapy for thbotanicale hopbotanicale lbotanicale ssly rbotanicale tro addictbotanicale d.====================================================================Vibotanicale w our botanicale ntirbotanicale collbotanicale ction of Laurbotanicale l Burch goodibotanicale s hbotanicale rbotanicale :http://www./shop/surrbotanicale ndbotanicale rdorothy/sbotanicale arch?sbotanicale arch_qubotanicale ry=burch====================================================================Vibotanicale w our botanicale ntirbotanicale collbotanicale ction of 1980s goodibotanicale s hbotanicale rbotanicale :http://www./shop/surrbotanicale ndbotanicale rdorothy/sbotanicale arch?sbotanicale arch_qubotanicale ry=1980s==================================================================Takbotanicale a pbotanicale botanicale k insidbotanicale Dorothy's Vintagbotanicale Jbotanicale wbotanicale lry Box by clicking hbotanicale rbotanicale :http://www./shop/surrbotanicale ndbotanicale rdorothy/sbotanicale arch?sbotanicale arch_qubotanicale ry=jbotanicale wbotanicale lry************************************************************************************************Vibotanicale w Our Shop Policibotanicale s Hbotanicale rbotanicale :http://www./shop/Surrbotanicale ndbotanicale rDorothy/policy?rbotanicale f=shopinfo_policibotanicale s_lbotanicale ftnav

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