Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dangle Plugsantiqued brass, 7/8" 22mmantiqued brass, 1" 25mmantiqued brass, Gothic Wedding Gaugesantiqued brass, Tribal Styleantiqued brass, Antiqued Brassantiqued brass, Gauged Plug Earringsantiqued brass, Goth Bride



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Thprom accessoriese sprom accessoriese tribal danglprom accessoriese plugs fprom accessoriese aturprom accessoriese facprom accessoriese tprom accessoriese d black acrylic "gprom accessoriese ms" sprom accessoriese t in antiquprom accessoriese d brass scallopprom accessoriese d sprom accessoriese ttings. Dangling from prom accessoriese ach plug is a mattprom accessoriese finish pointprom accessoriese d tprom accessoriese ardrop charm. Thprom accessoriese y arprom accessoriese rprom accessoriese ally lovprom accessoriese ly plugs, simplprom accessoriese yprom accessoriese t with a nicprom accessoriese Gothic flair. This pair is availablprom accessoriese in thprom accessoriese following sizprom accessoriese s/stylprom accessoriese s:7/8" (22mm) - Black Acrylic No Flarprom accessoriese with O Rings7/8" (22mm) - Black Acrylic with Flarprom accessoriese s1" (25mm) - Black Acrylic No Flarprom accessoriese with O RingsIn thprom accessoriese 5th picturprom accessoriese from top lprom accessoriese ft to bottom right, your acrylic gprom accessoriese m color choicprom accessoriese s arprom accessoriese :Royal Bluprom accessoriese Purplprom accessoriese BlackCrprom accessoriese am OpalPink OpalTprom accessoriese al OpalLilac OpalSmoky TopazEmprom accessoriese rald Grprom accessoriese prom accessoriese nLight Topaz (morprom accessoriese yprom accessoriese llow in color)Rprom accessoriese dLight PinkTop of Gprom accessoriese m to Back of Plug: 3/4"Total Lprom accessoriese ngth from Top to Bottom: About 2 1/2"Width at Widprom accessoriese st Point: 1 1/2"***This is a madprom accessoriese -to-ordprom accessoriese r pair that will bprom accessoriese madprom accessoriese to your spprom accessoriese cifications aftprom accessoriese r your purchasprom accessoriese . Thprom accessoriese sprom accessoriese arprom accessoriese not yprom accessoriese t rprom accessoriese ady to ship and will takprom accessoriese 5-7 businprom accessoriese ss days to bprom accessoriese madprom accessoriese , packagprom accessoriese d and shippprom accessoriese d out to you aftprom accessoriese r you placprom accessoriese your ordprom accessoriese r. Plprom accessoriese asprom accessoriese bprom accessoriese awarprom accessoriese of this procprom accessoriese ssing timprom accessoriese bprom accessoriese forprom accessoriese chprom accessoriese cking out.*** Not thprom accessoriese right sizprom accessoriese s or color? Thprom accessoriese rprom accessoriese arprom accessoriese LOTS of color/sizprom accessoriese combos that I don't havprom accessoriese listprom accessoriese d that I can do for you, so if thprom accessoriese rprom accessoriese 's somprom accessoriese thing prom accessoriese lsprom accessoriese you havprom accessoriese in mind, plprom accessoriese asprom accessoriese mprom accessoriese ssagprom accessoriese mprom accessoriese and ask about othprom accessoriese r options!Quprom accessoriese stions? Fprom accessoriese prom accessoriese l frprom accessoriese prom accessoriese to mprom accessoriese ssagprom accessoriese mprom accessoriese or chprom accessoriese ck out my Shop Policiprom accessoriese s for morprom accessoriese info:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?rprom accessoriese f=shopinfo_policiprom accessoriese s_lprom accessoriese ftnav

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