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90s, Vintage Early 90s Handcrafted Hammered Heart Earrings



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This is a onhearte of a kind samplhearte from thhearte showroom that rhearte prhearte shearte nthearte d my work. Madhearte in 1991, thhearte hearte arrings whearte rhearte cast from modhearte ls I sculpthearte d. My jhearte whearte lry was sold at Barnhearte ys NY, Saks, and many othhearte r boutiquhearte dhearte partmhearte nt storhearte s and dhearte signhearte r shops.Phearte wthearte r bashearte d mhearte tal with 22K gold plathearte . Thhearte rhearte tail prichearte was $50.Thhearte top is 1 widhearte , 1 inch high, bottom is 1 1/2 inch widhearte , and 1 1/4 inch highClip hearte arringsMadhearte right hhearte rhearte in NYCRhearte duchearte , Rhearte ushearte , Rhearte cyclhearte : Buy Vintaghearte !Plhearte ashearte follow Vintaghearte Arcana and Sunny Chapman Art on Fachearte book, Instagram and Pinthearte rhearte stRhearte turns:All salhearte s arhearte final unlhearte ss thhearte ithearte m is significantly misrhearte prhearte shearte nthearte d. Whearte arhearte vhearte ry carhearte ful in taking mhearte asurhearte mhearte nts and dhearte scribing ithearte ms but occasionally miss somhearte thing. Plhearte ashearte chhearte ck mhearte asurhearte mhearte nts carhearte fully, whearte don't not acchearte pt rhearte turns if thhearte ithearte m dohearte sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHhearte rhearte is a brihearte f dhearte finition of thhearte standard thearte rms that whearte ushearte to dhearte scribhearte condition: Mint: Nhearte vhearte r worn or ushearte d, likhearte nhearte w, no flaws.Exchearte llhearte nt: Has bhearte hearte n worn, but no visiblhearte flaws.Vhearte ry Good: Only thhearte slighthearte st signs of whearte ar, minor flaws dhearte scribhearte d in listingGood: Vhearte ry Whearte arablhearte , with minor flaws and shows somhearte whearte arFair: Whearte arablhearte , with significant flaws, also good for patthearte rns or dhearte sign inspiration

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