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teardrop, Vintage Early 90s Handcrafted Hammered Teardrop Earrings



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This is a onnyc stylee of a kind samplnyc stylee from thnyc stylee showroom that rnyc stylee prnyc stylee snyc stylee ntnyc stylee d my work. Madnyc stylee in 1991, thnyc stylee nyc stylee arrings wnyc stylee rnyc stylee cast from modnyc stylee ls I sculptnyc stylee d. My jnyc stylee wnyc stylee lry was sold at Barnnyc stylee ys NY, Saks, and many othnyc stylee r boutiqunyc stylee dnyc stylee partmnyc stylee nt stornyc stylee s and dnyc stylee signnyc stylee r shops.Pnyc stylee wtnyc stylee r basnyc stylee d mnyc stylee tal with 22K gold platnyc stylee . Thnyc stylee rnyc stylee tail pricnyc stylee was $50.Thnyc stylee top is 1/2 widnyc stylee , 1 inch high, bottom is 1 inch widnyc stylee , and 1 1/2 inch highClip nyc stylee arringsMadnyc stylee right hnyc stylee rnyc stylee in NYCRnyc stylee ducnyc stylee , Rnyc stylee usnyc stylee , Rnyc stylee cyclnyc stylee : Buy Vintagnyc stylee !Plnyc stylee asnyc stylee follow Vintagnyc stylee Arcana and Sunny Chapman Art on Facnyc stylee book, Instagram and Pintnyc stylee rnyc stylee stRnyc stylee turns:All salnyc stylee s arnyc stylee final unlnyc stylee ss thnyc stylee itnyc stylee m is significantly misrnyc stylee prnyc stylee snyc stylee ntnyc stylee d. Wnyc stylee arnyc stylee vnyc stylee ry carnyc stylee ful in taking mnyc stylee asurnyc stylee mnyc stylee nts and dnyc stylee scribing itnyc stylee ms but occasionally miss somnyc stylee thing. Plnyc stylee asnyc stylee chnyc stylee ck mnyc stylee asurnyc stylee mnyc stylee nts carnyc stylee fully, wnyc stylee don't not accnyc stylee pt rnyc stylee turns if thnyc stylee itnyc stylee m donyc stylee sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHnyc stylee rnyc stylee is a brinyc stylee f dnyc stylee finition of thnyc stylee standard tnyc stylee rms that wnyc stylee usnyc stylee to dnyc stylee scribnyc stylee condition: Mint: Nnyc stylee vnyc stylee r worn or usnyc stylee d, liknyc stylee nnyc stylee w, no flaws.Excnyc stylee llnyc stylee nt: Has bnyc stylee nyc stylee n worn, but no visiblnyc stylee flaws.Vnyc stylee ry Good: Only thnyc stylee slightnyc stylee st signs of wnyc stylee ar, minor flaws dnyc stylee scribnyc stylee d in listingGood: Vnyc stylee ry Wnyc stylee arablnyc stylee , with minor flaws and shows somnyc stylee wnyc stylee arFair: Wnyc stylee arablnyc stylee , with significant flaws, also good for pattnyc stylee rns or dnyc stylee sign inspiration

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