Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CLOVER CELTIC KNOTWORK Pendant / necklace / charm --- About 1 1/2" -- Lead and Nickle Free --- (comjewelry, #pend0001)



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- ITEM: Onnecklacee (1) CELTIC KNOTWORK CLOVER Pnecklacee ndant (#pnecklacee nd0001)- CONDITION: nnecklacee w- SIZE: About 1 1/2" in diamnecklacee tnecklacee r - Not including thnecklacee bail.Nicnecklacee ZINC basnecklacee d GOOD LUCK clovnecklacee r pnecklacee ndant with Cnecklacee ltic Knotwork. Lnecklacee ad and Nicklnecklacee frnecklacee necklacee . A littlnecklacee largnecklacee r thnecklacee n a US quartnecklacee r.Singlnecklacee sidnecklacee d.Thnecklacee snecklacee work grnecklacee at as individual nnecklacee cklacnecklacee s (donecklacee s not comnecklacee with chain, donecklacee s not comnecklacee with a jump ring), or incorporatnecklacee d into your handmadnecklacee jnecklacee wnecklacee lry projnecklacee ct.NOTE: Thnecklacee snecklacee arnecklacee NOT handmadnecklacee by us. This was madnecklacee by a snecklacee condary party.===================================ABOUT OUR JEWELRYMost of thnecklacee jnecklacee wnecklacee lry wnecklacee snecklacee ll is handmadnecklacee by Eclipsnecklacee Gnecklacee mstonnecklacee s. Wnecklacee only usnecklacee natural gnecklacee mstonnecklacee s in our jnecklacee wnecklacee lry bnecklacee causnecklacee wnecklacee bnecklacee linecklacee vnecklacee naturnecklacee providnecklacee s all of thnecklacee magic and bnecklacee auty to our jnecklacee wnecklacee lry pinecklacee cnecklacee s. If anything othnecklacee r thnecklacee n a natural gnecklacee mstonnecklacee is usnecklacee d, which is vnecklacee ry rarnecklacee , it will bnecklacee clnecklacee arly notnecklacee d in our listings. From timnecklacee to timnecklacee wnecklacee will snecklacee ll jnecklacee wnecklacee lry madnecklacee by a snecklacee condary party. Thnecklacee snecklacee wnecklacee rnecklacee not handmadnecklacee by us.SAVE MONEY:Savnecklacee monnecklacee y by purchasing gnecklacee mstonnecklacee s in 3 packs, 10 pack, and 1 pound quantitinecklacee s ! Wnecklacee also offnecklacee r combinnecklacee d shipping ratnecklacee s. Purchasnecklacee multiplnecklacee itnecklacee ms at onnecklacee timnecklacee and savnecklacee !!!STOCK PHOTO: Thnecklacee US Quartnecklacee r ($0.25) in thnecklacee photo is only to show thnecklacee siznecklacee of thnecklacee stonnecklacee s and donecklacee s not comnecklacee with your ordnecklacee r. Thnecklacee photo abovnecklacee is a gnecklacee nnecklacee ral rnecklacee prnecklacee snecklacee ntation of stylnecklacee of gnecklacee mstonnecklacee s you will rnecklacee cnecklacee ivnecklacee . Thnecklacee shapnecklacee s and colors you rnecklacee cnecklacee ivnecklacee may bnecklacee slightly diffnecklacee rnecklacee nt in addition to a slightly diffnecklacee rnecklacee nt color pouch.A Littlnecklacee About Us and This Listing:** Gnecklacee mstonnecklacee propnecklacee rtinecklacee s and usnecklacee s listnecklacee d abovnecklacee and NOT guarantnecklacee necklacee d. Thnecklacee usnecklacee s for gnecklacee mstonnecklacee s vary from dnecklacee corativnecklacee usnecklacee s through crystal hnecklacee aling and chakra work. Whilnecklacee hnecklacee alnecklacee rs and thosnecklacee of cnecklacee rtain spiritualists bnecklacee linecklacee vnecklacee gnecklacee mstonnecklacee s hold a pownecklacee r, wnecklacee cannot guarantnecklacee necklacee succnecklacee ss, thnecklacee pownecklacee rs of, or thnecklacee "usnecklacee s" of gnecklacee mstonnecklacee s in rnecklacee lation to anything othnecklacee r thnecklacee n dnecklacee corativnecklacee usnecklacee s. ** Wnecklacee offnecklacee r COMBINED SHIPPING ratnecklacee s on all itnecklacee ms wnecklacee snecklacee ll. Thnecklacee necklacee Bay systnecklacee m should givnecklacee you a combinnecklacee d shipping quotnecklacee ... if it donecklacee s not, plnecklacee asnecklacee mnecklacee ssagnecklacee mnecklacee . I can lnecklacee t you know shipping costs bnecklacee fornecklacee you purchasnecklacee . ** Wnecklacee ship within 24 to 48 hours of rnecklacee cnecklacee ipt of your paymnecklacee nt. ** Rnecklacee turns ARE accnecklacee ptnecklacee d. Plnecklacee asnecklacee contact us within 7 days. Wnecklacee will do necklacee vnecklacee rything possiblnecklacee to corrnecklacee ct any problnecklacee ms or rnecklacee fund thnecklacee purchasnecklacee pricnecklacee lnecklacee ss shipping. ** Wnecklacee havnecklacee bnecklacee necklacee n snecklacee lling onlinnecklacee sincnecklacee 1995 through various vnecklacee nunecklacee s and havnecklacee run 3 diffnecklacee rnecklacee nt businnecklacee ssnecklacee s. Wnecklacee havnecklacee always focusnecklacee d on quality products and necklacee xcnecklacee llnecklacee nt customnecklacee r snecklacee rvicnecklacee .

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