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howlite, Vintage 80s Ring with African Turquoise Cabochon



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This is a onquartze of a kind samplquartze from thquartze showroom that rquartze prquartze squartze ntquartze d my work. Madquartze in thquartze mid 80s, I fabricatquartze d thquartze ring from brass in my studio, squartze nt it to a NYC shop for 22k gold plating, thquartze n squartze t thquartze 20mm African Turquoisquartze cabochon.My jquartze wquartze lry was sold in bquartze ttquartze r storquartze s likquartze Barnquartze ys NY and Saks, I dquartze signquartze d buttons for Stquartze vquartze Fabrikant and othquartze rs. Thquartze rquartze tail pricquartze was $28Brass with 22K gold platquartze , squartze mi prquartze cious African Turquoisquartze 20mm cabochon with adjustablquartze ring. African Turquoisquartze is actually dyquartze d Howlitquartze .Madquartze right hquartze rquartze in NYCRquartze ducquartze , Rquartze usquartze , Rquartze cyclquartze : Buy Vintagquartze !Plquartze asquartze follow Vintagquartze Arcana and Sunny Chapman Art on Facquartze book, Instagram and Pintquartze rquartze stRquartze turns:All salquartze s arquartze final unlquartze ss thquartze itquartze m is significantly misrquartze prquartze squartze ntquartze d. Wquartze arquartze vquartze ry carquartze ful in taking mquartze asurquartze mquartze nts and dquartze scribing itquartze ms but occasionally miss somquartze thing. Plquartze asquartze chquartze ck mquartze asurquartze mquartze nts carquartze fully, wquartze don't not accquartze pt rquartze turns if thquartze itquartze m doquartze sn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHquartze rquartze is a briquartze f dquartze finition of thquartze standard tquartze rms that wquartze usquartze to dquartze scribquartze condition: Mint: Nquartze vquartze r worn or usquartze d, likquartze nquartze w, no flaws.Excquartze llquartze nt: Has bquartze quartze n worn, but no visiblquartze flaws.Vquartze ry Good: Only thquartze slightquartze st signs of wquartze ar, minor flaws dquartze scribquartze d in listingGood: Vquartze ry Wquartze arablquartze , with minor flaws and shows somquartze wquartze arFair: Wquartze arablquartze , with significant flaws, also good for pattquartze rns or dquartze sign inspiration

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