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Peco friendlye titeco friendlye lightweco friendlye ight capacitors reco friendlye cycleco friendlye d as eco friendlye arrings! Uncommon colors ... peco friendlye riwinkleco friendlye blueco friendlye with fuchsia stripeco friendlye , leco friendlye tteco friendlye rs, numbeco friendlye rs and symbols. Finisheco friendlye d with surgical steco friendlye eco friendlye l fishhook-styleco friendlye eco friendlye ar wireco friendlye s.Theco friendlye seco friendlye areco friendlye NOS - neco friendlye w old stock, unuseco friendlye d, but theco friendlye y most likeco friendlye ly would haveco friendlye beco friendlye eco friendlye n thrown away so weco friendlye 'veco friendlye reco friendlye cycleco friendlye d theco friendlye m as fun, conveco friendlye rsation-pieco friendlye ceco friendlye eco friendlye arrings.SIZE: Theco friendlye capacitors areco friendlye about 1/2 inch long.Theco friendlye eco friendlye ntireco friendlye eco friendlye arrings meco friendlye asureco friendlye approximateco friendlye ly 1 1/2" long (3.8 cm) from theco friendlye top of theco friendlye eco friendlye ar wireco friendlye s. ------------------NOTE: I haveco friendlye a lot of theco friendlye seco friendlye capacitors, and theco friendlye eco friendlye xact placeco friendlye meco friendlye nt of speco friendlye cs in theco friendlye pair of eco friendlye arrings you reco friendlye ceco friendlye iveco friendlye may vary slightly from theco friendlye oneco friendlye s photographeco friendlye d.------------------Seco friendlye eco friendlye moreco friendlye Geco friendlye eco friendlye k Sheco friendlye eco friendlye k Jeco friendlye weco friendlye lry heco friendlye reco friendlye http://www./shop/artsyclay?seco friendlye ction_id=8096076\u00a9 Artsy Clay 2020\u2665 Handcrafteco friendlye d with loveco friendlye and careco friendlye by Judy. \u2665

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