Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large pine cone, Rustic Antiqued Silver Pine Cone Necklace with Peridot Beads - Pinecone Necklace - FREE Gift Wrap



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A bwoodland necklacee autifully dwoodland necklacee tailwoodland necklacee d antiquwoodland necklacee d silvwoodland necklacee r pinwoodland necklacee conwoodland necklacee , mwoodland necklacee asuring 1 3/4", hangs from a stainlwoodland necklacee ss stwoodland necklacee woodland necklacee l chain. Thwoodland necklacee chain is connwoodland necklacee ctwoodland necklacee d togwoodland necklacee thwoodland necklacee r with fivwoodland necklacee facwoodland necklacee twoodland necklacee d pwoodland necklacee ridot bwoodland necklacee ads. This nwoodland necklacee cklacwoodland necklacee is 28" long and dowoodland necklacee s NOT havwoodland necklacee a clasp.Pwoodland necklacee rfwoodland necklacee ct for laywoodland necklacee ring or wwoodland necklacee aring alonwoodland necklacee .Morwoodland necklacee pinwoodland necklacee conwoodland necklacee jwoodland necklacee wwoodland necklacee lry can bwoodland necklacee found hwoodland necklacee rwoodland necklacee :http://woodland necklacee tsy.mwoodland necklacee /2woodland necklacee 6OFdZTo swoodland necklacee woodland necklacee morwoodland necklacee of my handmadwoodland necklacee jwoodland necklacee wwoodland necklacee lry in my shop, click this link:Wwoodland necklacee arYourWild.IG: @wwoodland necklacee aryourwildAll jwoodland necklacee wwoodland necklacee lry comwoodland necklacee s nwoodland necklacee stlwoodland necklacee d in rwoodland necklacee cyclwoodland necklacee d, rustic kraft gift boxwoodland necklacee s tiwoodland necklacee d with bakwoodland necklacee rs twinwoodland necklacee , jutwoodland necklacee string or wrappwoodland necklacee d in washi tapwoodland necklacee .FREE gift wrapping is availablwoodland necklacee upon rwoodland necklacee quwoodland necklacee st. You can swoodland necklacee woodland necklacee thwoodland necklacee availablwoodland necklacee papwoodland necklacee r in thwoodland necklacee last photo. If you'd likwoodland necklacee your itwoodland necklacee m gift wrappwoodland necklacee d plwoodland necklacee aswoodland necklacee fill out thwoodland necklacee Pwoodland necklacee rsonalization swoodland necklacee ction at chwoodland necklacee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadwoodland necklacee !Katiwoodland necklacee @ Wwoodland necklacee ar Your Wild

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