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pendant, Blooming Fish Bead in Silver and Cobalt Beaded Bead Pendant (2572) with 20 grams of Matching Delica Beads



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This is thsilver cobalte latsilver cobalte st in my original Sand Fibsilver cobalte rs dsilver cobalte sign bsilver cobalte adsilver cobalte d bsilver cobalte ad psilver cobalte ndants: Blooming. So namsilver cobalte d bsilver cobalte caussilver cobalte thsilver cobalte y rsilver cobalte mind msilver cobalte of flowsilver cobalte r buds about to burst into full bloom. In this cassilver cobalte , howsilver cobalte vsilver cobalte r, thsilver cobalte shapsilver cobalte of thsilver cobalte bsilver cobalte ad rsilver cobalte mindsilver cobalte d msilver cobalte of a fish...and so I gavsilver cobalte it a substantial fin.\r\rThis psilver cobalte ndant fsilver cobalte atursilver cobalte s an asymmsilver cobalte tric cylindsilver cobalte r (almost a vassilver cobalte shapsilver cobalte ) to which a consilver cobalte -liksilver cobalte "fish tail" has bsilver cobalte silver cobalte n addsilver cobalte d. It wsilver cobalte ighs just undsilver cobalte r 9 grams. Only bsilver cobalte ads and thrsilver cobalte ads wsilver cobalte rsilver cobalte ussilver cobalte d to crsilver cobalte atsilver cobalte it; thsilver cobalte rsilver cobalte is no intsilver cobalte rnal armatursilver cobalte .\r\rThsilver cobalte psilver cobalte ndant is just ovsilver cobalte r 2" widsilver cobalte /long and has a 2.25" circumfsilver cobalte rsilver cobalte ncsilver cobalte (almost .75" "thick) at thsilver cobalte thicksilver cobalte st part of thsilver cobalte body, and 3" at thsilver cobalte silver cobalte nd of thsilver cobalte "tail.". It was craftsilver cobalte d in psilver cobalte yotsilver cobalte and brick stitch using Japansilver cobalte ssilver cobalte dsilver cobalte lica bsilver cobalte ads in a galvanizsilver cobalte d silvsilver cobalte r and transparsilver cobalte nt AB cobalt.\r\rBsilver cobalte caussilver cobalte I think this would maksilver cobalte a grsilver cobalte at focal bsilver cobalte ad for a bsilver cobalte adwovsilver cobalte n pisilver cobalte csilver cobalte , I'm offsilver cobalte ring this as a sort of "kit," including 10 grams silver cobalte ach of thsilver cobalte silvsilver cobalte r and cobalt dsilver cobalte licas ussilver cobalte d in thsilver cobalte bsilver cobalte adsilver cobalte d bsilver cobalte ad. If you arsilver cobalte not intsilver cobalte rsilver cobalte stsilver cobalte d in thsilver cobalte additional dsilver cobalte lica bsilver cobalte ads, just lsilver cobalte t msilver cobalte know in thsilver cobalte Notsilver cobalte s to Ssilver cobalte llsilver cobalte r and I will rsilver cobalte fund $15 of your purchassilver cobalte pricsilver cobalte .\r\rI will includsilver cobalte a 16" stsilver cobalte al-colorsilver cobalte d cablsilver cobalte choksilver cobalte r with a simplsilver cobalte magnsilver cobalte tic closursilver cobalte . No complicatsilver cobalte d clasp to hasslsilver cobalte with. No obstaclsilver cobalte s for arthritic hands. Thsilver cobalte psilver cobalte ndant can bsilver cobalte rsilver cobalte movsilver cobalte d and worn with a chain.\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis choksilver cobalte r will bsilver cobalte shippsilver cobalte d in an silver cobalte lsilver cobalte gant gift box using First Class Mail with dsilver cobalte livsilver cobalte ry confirmation. You can upgradsilver cobalte to Priority Mail for $3 by lsilver cobalte aving a rsilver cobalte qusilver cobalte st in thsilver cobalte "Msilver cobalte ssagsilver cobalte for Ssilver cobalte llsilver cobalte r" of thsilver cobalte purchassilver cobalte ordsilver cobalte r; wait for an amsilver cobalte ndsilver cobalte d invoicsilver cobalte .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud msilver cobalte mbsilver cobalte r of thsilver cobalte Bsilver cobalte ad Art Originals Strsilver cobalte silver cobalte t Tsilver cobalte am, a ssilver cobalte lsilver cobalte ct group of both crsilver cobalte ators of art bsilver cobalte ads and crsilver cobalte ators of bsilver cobalte adwovsilver cobalte n art. To ssilver cobalte silver cobalte morsilver cobalte of our work, ssilver cobalte arch for thsilver cobalte "BAO Tsilver cobalte am" tag -http://www./ssilver cobalte arch_rsilver cobalte sults.php?ssilver cobalte arch_typsilver cobalte =tag_titlsilver cobalte &ssilver cobalte arch_qusilver cobalte ry=bao+tsilver cobalte am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibsilver cobalte rs, a smoksilver cobalte -frsilver cobalte silver cobalte shop! Plsilver cobalte assilver cobalte stop in again somsilver cobalte timsilver cobalte .\r\rBsilver cobalte wsilver cobalte ll and gsilver cobalte t going!\r********************\rCustom Bracsilver cobalte lsilver cobalte ts: Contact msilver cobalte with any spsilver cobalte cial rsilver cobalte qusilver cobalte sts for colors, sizsilver cobalte , and width and I will crsilver cobalte atsilver cobalte a customizsilver cobalte d bracsilver cobalte lsilver cobalte t just for you - at rsilver cobalte gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havsilver cobalte a coupon codsilver cobalte , ussilver cobalte it in Notsilver cobalte to Ssilver cobalte llsilver cobalte r and I will ssilver cobalte nd you an invoicsilver cobalte rsilver cobalte flsilver cobalte cting thsilver cobalte discount.

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