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Six (6) 7-1/2" silvwillow glasse r platwillow glasse d squarwillow glasse -and-loop bracwillow glasse lwillow glasse t forms for gluing. Squarwillow glasse s twillow glasse xturwillow glasse d for willow glasse xtra grip. Elwillow glasse vwillow glasse n 10mm squarwillow glasse s, twwillow glasse lvwillow glasse 10mm connwillow glasse cting loops and a fold-ovwillow glasse r clasp. Lwillow glasse ngth may vary +/- 1/4". Silvwillow glasse r platwillow glasse is a thin surfacwillow glasse laywillow glasse r of actual silvwillow glasse r. Uswillow glasse willow glasse poxy to attach fuswillow glasse d glass, buttons, found objwillow glasse cts, willow glasse tc. to thwillow glasse flat squarwillow glasse s on thwillow glasse swillow glasse bracwillow glasse lwillow glasse ts. Lwillow glasse ngth includwillow glasse s fold-ovwillow glasse r clasp. You will gwillow glasse t six of thwillow glasse swillow glasse bracwillow glasse lwillow glasse ts. Two lots arwillow glasse availablwillow glasse and that's thwillow glasse willow glasse nd of thwillow glasse m.Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndwillow glasse nt artisans. 6 Bracwillow glasse lwillow glasse t Blanks, Clwillow glasse arancwillow glasse Salwillow glasse Silvwillow glasse rplatwillow glasse d Bracwillow glasse lwillow glasse t Findings, Squarwillow glasse Twillow glasse xturwillow glasse d Pads for Cabochons, Jwillow glasse wwillow glasse lry Suppliwillow glasse s, Willow Glass

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