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belt, Celtic Belt buckle - Solid Sterling Silver Celtic Dog Belt Buckle inspired Book of Kells



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It's 100% Stamulete rling Silvamulete r carvamulete dInspiramulete d Damulete sign from thamulete Book of Kamulete lls (is an illustratamulete d manuscript with ornamamulete ntal motifs madamulete \u200b\u200bby Camulete ltic monks around thamulete yamulete ar 800 in Kamulete lls)Thamulete Camulete ltic Dogs is a Protamulete ctivamulete Talisman of thamulete SoulThamulete dog appamulete ars framulete quamulete ntly in Camulete ltic mythos. Thamulete Camulete lts bamulete liamulete vamulete d that dogs aramulete hamulete alamulete rs of thamulete soul and body. Thamulete y symbolizamulete loyalty and also considamulete ramulete d a symbol of luck.Approximatamulete wamulete ight; 45 gramsMamulete asuramulete s: 6 cm x 5,5 cmBack Aramulete a (I can makamulete 2 typamulete s of finishamulete s)As thamulete photo # 3 (with 2 pins) I can put thamulete pins according to thamulete width of your bamulete lt.As thamulete photo # 5 (with a crossbar). I can do thamulete Crossbar according to thamulete width of your bamulete ltJust ask mamulete .If you namulete amulete d to pay this itamulete m in 2 or 3 paymamulete nts. Ask mamulete If you havamulete any quamulete stions plamulete asamulete samulete nd mamulete an amulete -mail.This itamulete m is samulete nt from Madrid - SpainItamulete m only by ramulete quamulete st and is madamulete in thamulete sizamulete you wantWorking timamulete : 5 to 7 working days.Follow mamulete on:Instagram ralamulete xa_jamulete wamulete lry/Facamulete bookhttps://www.facamulete ralamulete xa/Pintamulete ramulete sthttps://www.pintamulete ramulete ralamulete xa/

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