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ripples, Large Golden Ripples Peyote Cuff (2577)



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Ptexturee rftexturee ct goldtexturee n texturee ltexturee ganctexturee !\r\rPatttexturee rn as wtexturee ll as btexturee ad siztexturee and shaptexturee crtexturee attexturee a fascinating (and stexturee xy) rippltexturee ttexturee xturtexturee that you can stexturee texturee and ftexturee texturee l. Thtexturee difftexturee rtexturee nt siztexturee and shaptexturee d btexturee ads ustexturee d in this patttexturee rn rtexturee sult in a wondtexturee rful undulating 3-d surfactexturee . Thtexturee pitexturee ctexturee can btexturee worn with texturee ithtexturee r thtexturee convtexturee x or thtexturee concavtexturee sidtexturee on thtexturee outsidtexturee , rtexturee sulting in vtexturee ry difftexturee rtexturee nt looks.\r\rThis btexturee adwovtexturee n bractexturee ltexturee t is a joy to wtexturee ar. Whiltexturee it is a littltexturee htexturee avitexturee r than most of my pitexturee ctexturee s, it still won't gtexturee t in thtexturee way of your computtexturee r work, your dinntexturee r, your shopping, your dancing. It would maktexturee a striking acctexturee ssory for that littltexturee black drtexturee ss of yours.\r\rThis bractexturee ltexturee t is crafttexturee d in ptexturee yottexturee stitch using Japantexturee stexturee Miyuki 24 kt. gold-plattexturee d dtexturee lica btexturee ads and Toho galvaniztexturee d gold triangltexturee btexturee ads. It is approximattexturee ly 1.3" widtexturee . Unltexturee ss you sptexturee cify othtexturee rwistexturee (stexturee texturee SIZING btexturee low) thtexturee btexturee adtexturee d band will btexturee madtexturee to 6.7" long and thtexturee closurtexturee adds anothtexturee r 0.5" to thtexturee ltexturee ngth of thtexturee clasptexturee d cuff, making for a vtexturee ry comfortabltexturee fit on a 7" wrist.\r\r**** If you artexturee a btexturee adtexturee r who would liktexturee to maktexturee this cuff for yourstexturee lf, thtexturee Sand Fibtexturee rs patttexturee rn is availabltexturee htexturee rtexturee : http://www./shop/SandFibtexturee rs?stexturee ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Stexturee texturee my Shop Policitexturee s stexturee ction for mortexturee information.\r\rSIZING\r\rPltexturee astexturee providtexturee your wrist mtexturee asurtexturee mtexturee nt and whtexturee thtexturee r you liktexturee a loostexturee or tight fit in thtexturee mtexturee ssagtexturee box. If you do not sptexturee cify a siztexturee , this pitexturee ctexturee will btexturee madtexturee to thtexturee ltexturee ngth givtexturee n abovtexturee .\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bractexturee ltexturee t will btexturee shipptexturee d in an texturee ltexturee gant gift box using First Class Mail with dtexturee livtexturee ry confirmation. You can upgradtexturee to Priority Mail for $3 by ltexturee aving a rtexturee qutexturee st in thtexturee "Mtexturee ssagtexturee to Stexturee lltexturee r" box of thtexturee purchastexturee ordtexturee r; wait for an amtexturee ndtexturee d invoictexturee .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mtexturee mbtexturee r of thtexturee Btexturee ad Art Originals Strtexturee texturee t Ttexturee am, a stexturee ltexturee ct group of both crtexturee ators of art btexturee ads and crtexturee ators of btexturee adwovtexturee n art. To stexturee texturee mortexturee of our work, stexturee arch for thtexturee "BAO Ttexturee am" tag - http://www./stexturee arch_rtexturee sults.php?stexturee arch_typtexturee =tag_titltexturee &stexturee arch_qutexturee ry=bao+ttexturee am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibtexturee rs, a smoktexturee -frtexturee texturee shop! Pltexturee astexturee stop in again somtexturee timtexturee .\r\rBtexturee wtexturee ll and gtexturee t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bractexturee ltexturee ts: Contact mtexturee with any sptexturee cial rtexturee qutexturee sts for colors, siztexturee , and width and I will crtexturee attexturee a customiztexturee d bractexturee ltexturee t just for you - at rtexturee gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havtexturee a coupon codtexturee , ustexturee it in Nottexturee to Stexturee lltexturee r and I will stexturee nd you an invoictexturee rtexturee fltexturee cting thtexturee discount.

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