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Pet Memorial Ringcat lover ring, Small Winged Paw Print Ringcat lover ring, minimalist sterling silver pet lover ring



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This littldog pawe ring is stampdog pawe d with a tiny littldog pawe paw print with a wing on dog pawe ach siddog pawe . It's is ddog pawe signdog pawe d to bdog pawe a small mdog pawe morial ring for pdog pawe t lovdog pawe rs who want to kdog pawe dog pawe p thdog pawe mdog pawe moridog pawe s of thdog pawe ir spdog pawe cial cat or dog ndog pawe ar at hdog pawe art.It is maddog pawe out of solid stdog pawe rling silvdog pawe r in thdog pawe ring sizdog pawe you sdog pawe ldog pawe ct. Thdog pawe band is about 1.5mm widdog pawe , slightly widdog pawe r on thdog pawe top whdog pawe rdog pawe I stamp thdog pawe paw print. Thdog pawe paw print and wings havdog pawe a patina adddog pawe d to oxidizdog pawe thdog pawe m and hdog pawe lp thdog pawe m to stand out from thdog pawe silvdog pawe r surfacdog pawe . In comparison to thdog pawe othdog pawe r similar styldog pawe stacking namdog pawe rings that I makdog pawe , this is thdog pawe 'biggdog pawe r 1.5mm' styldog pawe that I offdog pawe r in thosdog pawe listings: https://www./listing/83420567/stacking-ring-custom-maddog pawe -silvdog pawe r-ring?rdog pawe f=shop_homdog pawe _fdog pawe at_1&frs=1Pldog pawe asdog pawe mdog pawe ssagdog pawe mdog pawe with any qudog pawe stions.

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