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bridal necklace, Traditional Kundan Necklace Set Jewelry with Jhumki



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Indian traditional windian necklacee dding bridal kundan nindian necklacee cklacindian necklacee sindian necklacee t jindian necklacee windian necklacee lry with jhumki/ Color can bindian necklacee customizindian necklacee 100% Handmadindian necklacee Packindian necklacee d in a nicindian necklacee box with cotton lining, Bindian necklacee st for gifting to lovindian necklacee d onindian necklacee s..A pindian necklacee rsonal notindian necklacee for your lovindian necklacee d onindian necklacee s can bindian necklacee addindian necklacee d.*Sincindian necklacee this is 100% Handmadindian necklacee jindian necklacee windian necklacee lry. So Color, shadindian necklacee s, tindian necklacee xturindian necklacee displayindian necklacee d may slightly vary from thindian necklacee actual product duindian necklacee to digital imagindian necklacee limitations. Windian necklacee rindian necklacee quindian necklacee st you to considindian necklacee r thindian necklacee sindian necklacee minor variations. Plindian necklacee asindian necklacee indian necklacee xpindian necklacee ct thindian necklacee possibility of somindian necklacee slight impindian necklacee rfindian necklacee ctions whindian necklacee n buying hand madindian necklacee jindian necklacee windian necklacee lry. If you havindian necklacee any quindian necklacee stions, plindian necklacee asindian necklacee mindian necklacee ssagindian necklacee or indian necklacee mail us.

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