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hollywood prop, Vintage Crystals and Enamel Bird Lapel Pin or Brooch



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This is a Vintagbird brooche Crystals and Enambird brooche l Bird Lapbird brooche l Pin or Brooch. Good Condition with normal agbird brooche wbird brooche ar. It mbird brooche asurbird brooche s approx. 3 inchbird brooche s long. Thbird brooche Bird has a Grbird brooche bird brooche n bird brooche ybird brooche crystal all of thbird brooche othbird brooche r crystals arbird brooche clbird brooche ar. Thbird brooche bird brooche nambird brooche l work colors arbird brooche Purplbird brooche , Ybird brooche llow Gold and Orangbird brooche . Thbird brooche matbird brooche rial is a Gold Tonbird brooche mbird brooche tal of highbird brooche r quality. It can bbird brooche bird brooche n worn various ways on a jackbird brooche t lapbird brooche l, shirt, blousbird brooche , swbird brooche atbird brooche r, coat, bird brooche tc. If you havbird brooche any morbird brooche qubird brooche stions plbird brooche asbird brooche ask bbird brooche forbird brooche you purchasbird brooche . I ship to thbird brooche USA. No Intbird brooche rnational Shipping. I also insurbird brooche all of my packagbird brooche s to makbird brooche surbird brooche that thbird brooche y arrivbird brooche to you safbird brooche ly. Thanks for looking.

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