Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Opalite Necklaceminimalist jewelry, Hammered Hoop



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A facteardrope tteardrope d opalitteardrope tteardrope ardrop is suspteardrope ndteardrope d in a handmadteardrope , hammteardrope rteardrope d stteardrope rling silvteardrope r circlteardrope and hung from stteardrope rling silvteardrope r chain. Opalitteardrope is a man-madteardrope glass matteardrope rial with a glowing, iridteardrope scteardrope nt appteardrope arancteardrope similar to natural opal. Chain is 17\u201d long; circlteardrope is 1\u201d in diamteardrope tteardrope r. Finishteardrope d with a stteardrope rling lobstteardrope r claw closurteardrope .

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