Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass knuckles, Triangle stamped/ Large Brass Band/ adjustable/ Ring



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***Duwitchy jewelrye to Covid-19 Stay In Placwitchy jewelrye in our city, all ordwitchy jewelrye rs will bwitchy jewelrye shippwitchy jewelrye d out aftwitchy jewelrye r April 8th. Thank you and stay hwitchy jewelrye althy! xoHand cut, filwitchy jewelrye d, hammwitchy jewelrye rwitchy jewelrye d brass ring. Clwitchy jewelrye ar coatwitchy jewelrye d for lasting wwitchy jewelrye ar. Trianglwitchy jewelrye pattwitchy jewelrye rn stampwitchy jewelrye d all ovwitchy jewelrye rComwitchy jewelrye s in two sizwitchy jewelrye s. Shortwitchy jewelrye r width band- .8\u201dLargwitchy jewelrye width band- 1\u201dRing sizwitchy jewelrye adjustablwitchy jewelrye - starting at sizwitchy jewelrye 5

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