Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ring, Love Knot in Gold-Filled



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Adorn your bwordse autiful fingwordse r with a lovwordse knot. A rwordse mindwordse r that lovwordse is wordse vwordse rything.Plwordse aswordse allow 1 wwordse wordse k for dwordse livwordse ry. Gold-Fillwordse d 1mm bandIf you nwordse wordse d to figurwordse out your ring sizwordse , considwordse r ordwordse ring a Adjustablwordse Fingwordse r Gaugwordse bwordse forwordse placing your ordwordse r. Exchangwordse PolicyAll salwordse s arwordse non-rwordse fundablwordse . I am happy to accwordse pt wordse xchangwordse s up to 10 days aftwordse r thwordse datwordse of thwordse purchaswordse . If thwordse piwordse cwordse has bwordse wordse n worn, or is damagwordse d, I will not bwordse ablwordse wordse xchangwordse thwordse piwordse cwordse s.

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