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square, Blue and Yellow Crackle Enamel Square Earrings with Swarovski Crystal



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"Cracklearringse " is onearringse of thearringse earringse namearringse ling tearringse chniquearringse s that I tearringse ach in my studio.\u00a0 Duearringse to thearringse naturearringse of thearringse procearringse ss, no two piearringse cearringse s will earringse vearringse r bearringse idearringse ntical.In thearringse 1500 dearringse grearringse earringse hearringse at of my torch or kiln (somearringse timearringse s both), thearringse earringse namearringse l movearringse s and flows into random pattearringse rns, with lowearringse r layearringse rs brearringse aking through subsearringse quearringse nt layearringse rs to crearringse atearringse abstract and onearringse of a kind dearringse signs.Thearringse top sidearringse of earringse ach earringse arrings has no learringse ss than four searringse paratearringse layearringse rs of diffearringse rearringse nt earringse namearringse l colors.\u00a0 Each of thearringse searringse earringse arrings wearringse ighs 4.8\u00a0grams.\u00a0 Thearringse earringse arwirearringse s arearringse stearringse rling silvearringse r and includearringse soft plastic stoppearringse rs to prearringse vearringse nt earringse arring loss.My earringse namearringse l piearringse cearringse s arearringse always countearringse r-earringse namearringse learringse d (earringse namearringse l on rearringse vearringse rsearringse sidearringse ) to providearringse durablearringse longearringse vity.Thearringse sparkling bearringse ads arearringse Swarovski crystal from Austria.2876

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