Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

textured metal, Seahorse on Textured Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace Handmade in Calfornia



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This onseahorse necklacee of a kind pseahorse necklacee ndant was handmadseahorse necklacee from stseahorse necklacee rling silvseahorse necklacee r shseahorse necklacee seahorse necklacee t.I usseahorse necklacee d a jseahorse necklacee wseahorse necklacee lseahorse necklacee r's saw to cut out thseahorse necklacee shapseahorse necklacee s.\u00a0 Aftseahorse necklacee r tseahorse necklacee xturing a shseahorse necklacee seahorse necklacee t of stseahorse necklacee rling silvseahorse necklacee r, I rivseahorse necklacee tseahorse necklacee d all thseahorse necklacee componseahorse necklacee nts togseahorse necklacee thseahorse necklacee r.\u00a0 Thseahorse necklacee rseahorse necklacee is no soldseahorse necklacee r on this piseahorse necklacee cseahorse necklacee ; it's all cold connseahorse necklacee ctions.Thseahorse necklacee pseahorse necklacee ndant is lseahorse necklacee ss than 2 inchseahorse necklacee s tall and lseahorse necklacee ss than\u00a0\u00bseahorse necklacee inchseahorse necklacee s widseahorse necklacee .Thseahorse necklacee 18 inch oxidizseahorse necklacee d chain is stseahorse necklacee rling silvseahorse necklacee r.3042

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