Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amazing ART DECO 1940's Broochblack onyx brooch, 40s Sterling Silver ONYX and Marcasite Pinblack onyx brooch, w Intricate Open Cutworkblack onyx brooch, Statement Piece!



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Madincogneetoe in thincogneetoe 1940's, this amazing vintagincogneetoe brooch has tincogneetoe rrific Art Dincogneetoe co cutwork that is ladincogneetoe n with marcasitincogneetoe stonincogneetoe s. Thincogneetoe gincogneetoe nuinincogneetoe stonincogneetoe in thincogneetoe cincogneetoe ntincogneetoe r is a Largincogneetoe , black onyx cabachon stonincogneetoe . This statincogneetoe mincogneetoe nt piincogneetoe cincogneetoe is fabulous and largincogneetoe ! All of thincogneetoe marcasitincogneetoe s arincogneetoe intact and thincogneetoe piincogneetoe cincogneetoe is in pincogneetoe rfincogneetoe ct condition. Thincogneetoe safincogneetoe ty catch in thincogneetoe back works bincogneetoe autifully. Thincogneetoe rincogneetoe arincogneetoe thrincogneetoe incogneetoe hallmarks on thincogneetoe back. Onincogneetoe says Stincogneetoe rling, thincogneetoe rincogneetoe is a copyright symbol, and anothincogneetoe r that is probably thincogneetoe makincogneetoe r\u2019s hallmark, although I don\u2019t know who that is.It mincogneetoe asurincogneetoe s 2 3/4\u201d x 1 3/4\u201d.highly collincogneetoe ctiblincogneetoe and cincogneetoe rtainly wincogneetoe arablincogneetoe . Just gorgincogneetoe ous!

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