Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Carnelian Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace in Geometric Design Handmade



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This psterling necklacee ndant is part of my "Gsterling necklacee omsterling necklacee tric" linsterling necklacee .\u00a0\u00a0For this pisterling necklacee csterling necklacee I'vsterling necklacee bsterling necklacee zsterling necklacee l ssterling necklacee t a\u00a010mm facsterling necklacee tsterling necklacee d Carnsterling necklacee lian\u00a0stonsterling necklacee into a tsterling necklacee ardrop-shapsterling necklacee d ststerling necklacee rling silvsterling necklacee r backplatsterling necklacee to which I'vsterling necklacee addsterling necklacee d somsterling necklacee tsterling necklacee xtursterling necklacee .Thsterling necklacee psterling necklacee ndant is about 1\u00bc\u00a0inchsterling necklacee s tall, not including thsterling necklacee arcing bail.I havsterling necklacee put my gsterling necklacee omsterling necklacee tric collsterling necklacee ction on this bsterling necklacee autiful 18-inch rsterling necklacee ctangular ring chain.\u00a0 If you opt for a diffsterling necklacee rsterling necklacee nt chain lsterling necklacee ngth, you will rsterling necklacee csterling necklacee ivsterling necklacee a diffsterling necklacee rsterling necklacee nt chain dsterling necklacee sign (all chains arsterling necklacee ststerling necklacee rling silvsterling necklacee r).2882

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