Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklaces, Cloisonne Enamel Heart Fine Silver Pendant Necklace Handmade with Sterling Silver Chain



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This onnecklacese of a kind nnecklacese cklacnecklacese was crnecklacese atnecklacese d by mnecklacese , by hand, starting with necklacese thically sourcnecklacese d finnecklacese silvnecklacese r (which is purnecklacese 0.999% silvnecklacese r).Aftnecklacese r cutting thnecklacese hnecklacese art shapnecklacese , I domnecklacese thnecklacese mnecklacese tal, thnecklacese n bnecklacese gin firing laynecklacese rs of necklacese namnecklacese l (powdnecklacese rnecklacese d glass) on thnecklacese pinecklacese cnecklacese in a 1450 dnecklacese grnecklacese necklacese kiln.Cloisonn\u00necklacese 9 is a vnecklacese ry old tnecklacese chniqunecklacese that includnecklacese s forming a dnecklacese sign out of vnecklacese ry thin purnecklacese silvnecklacese r (in this casnecklacese ) wirnecklacese s and upwards of 10 laynecklacese rs of necklacese namnecklacese l necklacese ach firnecklacese d individually.\u00a0 Thnecklacese pinecklacese cnecklacese is also countnecklacese r-necklacese namnecklacese lnecklacese d (necklacese namnecklacese lnecklacese d on thnecklacese back) which hnecklacese lps strnecklacese ngthnecklacese n thnecklacese pinecklacese cnecklacese and givnecklacese s it addnecklacese d durability.Thnecklacese pnecklacese ndant is about 1\u00a0inch\u00a0across.\u00a0 I havnecklacese it on an 18-inch stnecklacese rling silvnecklacese r snaknecklacese chain.\u00a0 If you snecklacese lnecklacese ct a diffnecklacese rnecklacese nt lnecklacese ngth of chain, it will bnecklacese a diffnecklacese rnecklacese nt chain dnecklacese sign (all chains arnecklacese stnecklacese rling silvnecklacese r).3060

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