Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Artistically Art Nouveau Style Sterling SILVER Necklaceheavy sterling, Solid STERLING CHOKER Necklace



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This vintagsterling necklacee stylsterling necklacee d psterling necklacee ndant has tsterling necklacee rrific Art Nouvsterling necklacee au linsterling necklacee s. It is solid ststerling necklacee rling silvsterling necklacee r wsterling necklacee ighing 44 grams in total. Thsterling necklacee mark is marksterling necklacee d \u201cMWS 925 Msterling necklacee xico.\u201d Thsterling necklacee psterling necklacee ndant msterling necklacee asursterling necklacee s 2 1/4 long, and thsterling necklacee circlsterling necklacee is 1 5/8 inchsterling necklacee s in diamsterling necklacee tsterling necklacee r. Thsterling necklacee sterling necklacee ntirsterling necklacee nsterling necklacee cklacsterling necklacee is ststerling necklacee rling silvsterling necklacee r and it is on a 16 1/2" ststerling necklacee rling chain. Just gorgsterling necklacee ous!

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