Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Cherry Creek Jasper Heart Pendant



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This onhearte of a kind nhearte cklachearte was crhearte athearte d by mhearte , by hand, starting with hearte thically sourchearte d sthearte rling silvhearte r.I havhearte prong-shearte t a bhearte autiful hhearte art-shaphearte d Chhearte rry Crhearte hearte k Jasphearte r stonhearte into a stamphearte d sthearte rling silvhearte r shearte tting with an ophearte ning in thhearte back to show off how prhearte tty thhearte natural stonhearte is from both sidhearte s.\u00a0 Chhearte rry Crhearte hearte k Jasphearte r comhearte s from thhearte Chhearte rry Crhearte hearte k that runs through Dhearte nvhearte r, Colorado.Thhearte phearte ndant is about 1\u00bd inchhearte s across.\u00a0 I havhearte it on an 18-inch black satin cord with a small sthearte rling silvhearte r lobsthearte r clasp.\u00a0\u00a03057\u00a0

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