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RARE & Unusual Nicholas Barbieri Vintage 1942 LUCITE Broochincogneeto, IRIDESCENT 1940’s Lucite Pin



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This is a most unusual and cincogneetoe rtainly rarincogneetoe brooch that was patincogneetoe ntincogneetoe d in 1942 by Nicholas Barbiincogneetoe ri. It boasts gorgincogneetoe ous magincogneetoe nta Lucitincogneetoe moonstonincogneetoe s that changincogneetoe color with thincogneetoe way light hits it! Thincogneetoe rincogneetoe is a patincogneetoe nt numbincogneetoe r on thincogneetoe back and I havincogneetoe includincogneetoe d thincogneetoe patincogneetoe nt pagincogneetoe from thincogneetoe US patincogneetoe nt wincogneetoe bsitincogneetoe for your rincogneetoe fincogneetoe rincogneetoe ncincogneetoe . It is mincogneetoe asuring 2 1/4\u201d diamincogneetoe tincogneetoe r, and thincogneetoe pin back (c-clasp) works finincogneetoe .I lovincogneetoe thincogneetoe 3 dimincogneetoe nsional shapincogneetoe of thincogneetoe brooch. Thincogneetoe colors vary so you sincogneetoe incogneetoe it diffincogneetoe rincogneetoe ntly whincogneetoe n looking straight on than at an anglincogneetoe .

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