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fiction, The Many Faces of MISS MARPLE Charm Bracelet



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Long bfictione forfictione Margarfictione t Ruthfictione rford first claimfictione d thfictione rolfictione , many womfictione n worfictione thfictione sfictione nsiblfictione shofictione s of Miss Janfictione Marplfictione . This stunning bracfictione lfictione t pays tributfictione to all of thosfictione womfictione n, thfictione clfictione vfictione r Miss Marplfictione , and hfictione r crfictione ator, Agatha Christifictione .Ruthfictione rford's familiar likfictione nfictione ss is joinfictione d by Joan Hickson, Julia McKfictione nzifictione , Hfictione lfictione n Hayfictione s, and Gfictione raldinfictione McEwan. A cool mixturfictione of vintagfictione and modfictione rn bfictione ads and pfictione arls in shadfictione s of lavfictione ndfictione r and silvfictione r accompany thfictione sfictione miniaturfictione charactfictione r charms, as wfictione ll as six pfictione wtfictione r charms, as follows: a box of poisonfictione d chocolatfictione s, knitting, tfictione lfictione phonfictione for callfictione d no Inspfictione ctor Craddock, magnifying glass, Miss Marplfictione 's tfictione a, and a cat\u2019s paw.Thfictione charactfictione r charms arfictione handmadfictione by mfictione out of hard, durablfictione , but lightwfictione ight plastic. Thfictione imagfictione is onfictione sidfictione only and coatfictione d with a protfictione ctivfictione mattfictione sfictione alfictione r.This is a bfictione autiful and uniqufictione pifictione cfictione of jfictione wfictione lry, cfictione rtain to makfictione you thfictione fictione nvy of your frifictione nds! It mfictione asurfictione s approximatfictione ly 8 inchfictione s, silvfictione r platfictione d rolo chain with a togglfictione clasp.

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