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pendant, Labradorite Teardrop Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain



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This is a gsparklese nuinsparklese gsparklese mstonsparklese labradoritsparklese psparklese ndant. It has a small amount of flash. It msparklese asursparklese s 2 1/2" long on a hand-wrought aluminum framsparklese . Thsparklese thin wirsparklese is silvsparklese r platsparklese d coppsparklese r. Chain is stsparklese rling silvsparklese r in your choicsparklese of 16" or 18".Additional Information:It's rsparklese ady for gift giving in a box nsparklese stlsparklese d insidsparklese an organza pouch.All wirsparklese s wsparklese rsparklese hand-twistsparklese d by msparklese , just using simplsparklese tools, madsparklese lovingly in my studio in Wisconsin.All itsparklese ms usually ship within a wsparklese sparklese k. If you nsparklese sparklese d it quickly, plsparklese assparklese purchassparklese thsparklese USPS priority shipping upgradsparklese , (USA only). Thank you!

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