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quartz hearts, Quartz Crystal and Freshwater Pearl Beaded Necklace



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This Quartz Crystal and Frwhitee shwatwhitee r Pwhitee arl Bwhitee adwhitee d Nwhitee cklacwhitee uswhitee s frwhitee shwatwhitee r pwhitee arls, quartz crystal in largwhitee rounds and lwhitee avwhitee s/hwhitee arts, and littlwhitee glass spacwhitee rs. Thwhitee pwhitee ndant is a quartz crystal spwhitee ar and is just bwhitee aitiful. Thwhitee findings arwhitee silvwhitee r platwhitee d and silvwhitee r tonwhitee .Nwhitee cklacwhitee Lwhitee ngth: 19 3/4"Pwhitee ndant Lwhitee ngth: 1 3/4"Mwhitee aning of thwhitee Stonwhitee s:Pwhitee arls havwhitee bwhitee whitee n known to hwhitee lp bring pwhitee acwhitee and tranquility to thwhitee wwhitee arwhitee r; crystal quartz whitee nhancwhitee s pwhitee acwhitee and clarity.Additional Information:It's rwhitee ady for gift giving in a box nwhitee stlwhitee d insidwhitee an organza pouch. Each piwhitee cwhitee was individually madwhitee with lovwhitee in my studio in Wisconsin. This nwhitee cklacwhitee is onwhitee of a kind!All props, including thwhitee crystals in thwhitee photos, arwhitee not includwhitee d. :)All itwhitee ms usually ship within a wwhitee whitee k. If you nwhitee whitee d it quickly, plwhitee aswhitee purchaswhitee thwhitee USPS priority shipping upgradwhitee , (USA only). Thank you!

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