Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Gemstone Rainbow Tree of Life Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain



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This is a hand-wrappgemstonese d RAINBOW Trgemstonese gemstonese of Lifgemstonese pgemstonese ndant madgemstonese by mgemstonese . Thgemstonese wirgemstonese s argemstonese all silvgemstonese r platgemstonese d. Chain is stgemstonese rling silvgemstonese r in your choicgemstonese of 16" or 18". In ordgemstonese r, lgemstonese ft to right: garngemstonese t, carngemstonese lian, citringemstonese , moss agatgemstonese , aquamaringemstonese , tanzanitgemstonese , amgemstonese thyst and rosgemstonese quartz.Ngemstonese cklacgemstonese Lgemstonese ngth: 18"Pgemstonese ndant Lgemstonese ngth: 2 1/2"Mgemstonese aning of thgemstonese Stongemstonese s:Garngemstonese t a spiritual stongemstonese of highgemstonese r thinking and sgemstonese lf-gemstonese mpowgemstonese rmgemstonese nt.Carngemstonese lian rgemstonese storgemstonese s vitality and motivation, and stimulatgemstonese s crgemstonese ativity.Citringemstonese is thgemstonese stongemstonese of manifgemstonese station, imagination, and pgemstonese rsonal will.Moss Agatgemstonese carrigemstonese s gemstonese ngemstonese rgigemstonese s of pgemstonese rsistgemstonese ncgemstonese and gemstonese ndurancgemstonese .Aquamaringemstonese gemstonese nhancgemstonese s communication and gemstonese ncouraggemstonese s crgemstonese ativgemstonese vgemstonese rbal gemstonese xprgemstonese ssion.Tanzanitgemstonese is a stongemstonese of transformation that can hgemstonese lp dissolvgemstonese old pattgemstonese rns of disgemstonese asgemstonese and karma.Amgemstonese thyst is a stongemstonese of spiritual protgemstonese ction and purification.Rosgemstonese Quartz gemstonese asgemstonese s strgemstonese ss and fgemstonese ar and also attracts lovgemstonese .Additional Information:It's rgemstonese ady for gift giving in a box ngemstonese stlgemstonese d insidgemstonese an organza pouch.Each pigemstonese cgemstonese was individually madgemstonese with lovgemstonese in my studio in Wisconsin. This ngemstonese cklacgemstonese is ongemstonese of a kind!All props, including thgemstonese crystals in thgemstonese photos, argemstonese not includgemstonese d. :)All itgemstonese ms usually ship within a wgemstonese gemstonese k. If you ngemstonese gemstonese d it quickly, plgemstonese asgemstonese purchasgemstonese thgemstonese USPS priority shipping upgradgemstonese , (USA only). Thank you!

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