Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Signed 1940's Mexican Sterling Silver Parure with AMETHYST / SS Mexico Necklacegenuine gemstones, Braceletgenuine gemstones, Earrings Set



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This vintagsterling necklacee 1940\u2019s parursterling necklacee has gsterling necklacee nuinsterling necklacee ssterling necklacee mi prsterling necklacee cious amsterling necklacee thyst gsterling necklacee mstonsterling necklacee s and a lsterling necklacee af dsterling necklacee sign. Includsterling necklacee d is a choksterling necklacee r lsterling necklacee ngth nsterling necklacee cklacsterling necklacee , a bracsterling necklacee lsterling necklacee t, and pisterling necklacee rcsterling necklacee d hook sterling necklacee arrings. It is ststerling necklacee rling silvsterling necklacee r. Marksterling necklacee d ststerling necklacee rling, Msterling necklacee xico and 925 on thsterling necklacee bracsterling necklacee lsterling necklacee t and nsterling necklacee cklacsterling necklacee . Thsterling necklacee sterling necklacee arrings havsterling necklacee bsterling necklacee sterling necklacee n convsterling necklacee rtsterling necklacee d from scrsterling necklacee wbacks whsterling necklacee rsterling necklacee thsterling necklacee y would havsterling necklacee bsterling necklacee sterling necklacee n stampsterling necklacee d. I can\u2019t maksterling necklacee out who thsterling necklacee dsterling necklacee signsterling necklacee r is. Thsterling necklacee bracsterling necklacee lsterling necklacee t has a box, push in typsterling necklacee clasp and it msterling necklacee asursterling necklacee s 8\u201d long. Thsterling necklacee nsterling necklacee cklacsterling necklacee is 18\u201d long and thsterling necklacee sterling necklacee arrings arsterling necklacee just 1\u201d. Just gorgsterling necklacee ous!

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