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silver earrings, Dendritic Opal and Sterling Silver Handmade Earrings



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Thstone earringse sstone earringse onstone earringse of a kind stone earringse arrings wstone earringse rstone earringse hand fabricatstone earringse d (madstone earringse from scratch) by mstone earringse in my Pstone earringse nryn, California studio.I purchasstone earringse d this wondstone earringse rful pair of Dstone earringse ndritic Opal cabochons from a lapidary fristone earringse nd in thstone earringse Pacific Northwstone earringse st.\u00a0 I thstone earringse n usstone earringse d stone earringse thically sourcstone earringse d ststone earringse rling silvstone earringse r shstone earringse stone earringse t to crstone earringse atstone earringse thstone earringse sstone earringse tting, using traditional mstone earringse talsmith tstone earringse chniqustone earringse s of sawing, soldstone earringse ring, bstone earringse zstone earringse l sstone earringse tting, and polishing.Thstone earringse stonstone earringse s arstone earringse bout 19 x13mm and thstone earringse stone earringse ntirstone earringse stone earringse arring is about onstone earringse and a half inchstone earringse s from thstone earringse top of thstone earringse ststone earringse rling silvstone earringse r stone earringse arwirstone earringse to thstone earringse bottom of thstone earringse stone earringse arring.\u00a0\u00a0In ordstone earringse r to kstone earringse stone earringse p thstone earringse stone earringse arrings as lightwstone earringse ight as possiblstone earringse as wstone earringse ll as to show off as much of thstone earringse bstone earringse auty of thstone earringse stonstone earringse , I havstone earringse crstone earringse atstone earringse d an opstone earringse ning in thstone earringse backs of thstone earringse stone earringse arrings.\u00a0 Each stone earringse arring wstone earringse ighs 3.4 grams.2901

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