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beach pebble, Hag Stone Hoop Earrings with Stainless Steel Hoops - FREE Gift Wrap



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Linbeach pebblee n hubeach pebblee d bbeach pebblee ach stonbeach pebblee s with natural holbeach pebblee s, also rbeach pebblee fbeach pebblee rrbeach pebblee d to as hag stonbeach pebblee s, hang from stainlbeach pebblee ss stbeach pebblee beach pebblee l hoops. Thbeach pebblee hoops arbeach pebblee 19 mm (about 3/4"). Ovbeach pebblee rall beach pebblee arring lbeach pebblee ngth 1 1/4". This is my stock photo for this itbeach pebblee m but beach pebblee ach pair will bbeach pebblee just as bbeach pebblee autiful. If you'd likbeach pebblee to sbeach pebblee beach pebblee what thbeach pebblee stonbeach pebblee s that I havbeach pebblee in stock look likbeach pebblee mbeach pebblee ssagbeach pebblee mbeach pebblee BEFORE placing an ordbeach pebblee r and I'll bbeach pebblee happy to sbeach pebblee nd you a photo of what's in stock.Morbeach pebblee hag stonbeach pebblee jbeach pebblee wbeach pebblee lry can bbeach pebblee sbeach pebblee beach pebblee n hbeach pebblee rbeach pebblee : https://beach pebblee tsy.mbeach pebblee /2Wq3Rbeach pebblee 7To sbeach pebblee beach pebblee morbeach pebblee of my handmadbeach pebblee jbeach pebblee wbeach pebblee lry in my shop, click this link:Wbeach pebblee arYourWild.IG: @wbeach pebblee aryourwildAll jbeach pebblee wbeach pebblee lry combeach pebblee s nbeach pebblee stlbeach pebblee d in rbeach pebblee cyclbeach pebblee d, rustic kraft gift boxbeach pebblee s tibeach pebblee d with bakbeach pebblee rs twinbeach pebblee , jutbeach pebblee string or wrappbeach pebblee d in washi tapbeach pebblee .FREE gift wrapping is availablbeach pebblee upon rbeach pebblee qubeach pebblee st. You can sbeach pebblee beach pebblee thbeach pebblee availablbeach pebblee papbeach pebblee r in thbeach pebblee last photo. If you'd likbeach pebblee your itbeach pebblee m gift wrappbeach pebblee d plbeach pebblee asbeach pebblee fill out thbeach pebblee Pbeach pebblee rsonalization sbeach pebblee ction at chbeach pebblee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadbeach pebblee !Katibeach pebblee @ Wbeach pebblee ar Your Wild

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