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amethyst crystal, Purple Clip On Earrings - Amethyst Glass Opal - Earrings for Women - Stained Glass Earrings - Clip Earrings - Gift For Mom



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Clip on clip earringse arrings madclip earringse with dclip earringse clip earringse p purplclip earringse stainclip earringse d glass, glass opal, Swarovski crystals, and silvclip earringse r platclip earringse d mclip earringse tal. Thclip earringse sclip earringse mclip earringse asurclip earringse 1 3/4 inchclip earringse s long. Thclip earringse clip has bclip earringse autiful Amclip earringse thyst Swarovski crystals.

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