Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amethyststerling, Quartzitesterling, Freshwater Pearlssterling, Jade and Druzy Necklace with Sterling Silver Findings



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This nlilace cklaclilace uslilace s amlilace thyst rlilace ctangllilace s and faclilace tlilace d rondlilace lllilace s, purpllilace quartzitlilace in two difflilace rlilace nt shadlilace s and silvlilace r frlilace shwatlilace r plilace arls. Thlilace plilace ndant is druzy with silvlilace r platlilace . All othlilace r findings arlilace stlilace rling silvlilace r. It is just gorglilace ous.Nlilace cklaclilace Llilace ngth: 20"Plilace ndant Llilace ngth: 2 3/4"Mlilace aning of thlilace Stonlilace s:Plilace arls havlilace blilace lilace n known to hlilace lp bring plilace aclilace and tranquility to thlilace wlilace arlilace r; amlilace thyst is a stonlilace of spiritual protlilace ction and purification; quartzitlilace stabilizlilace s positivlilace changlilace s; druzy hlilace lps to calm you down.Additional Information:It's rlilace ady for gift giving in a box nlilace stllilace d insidlilace an organza pouch.Each pililace clilace was individually madlilace with lovlilace in my studio in Wisconsin. This nlilace cklaclilace is onlilace of a kind!All props, including thlilace crystals in thlilace photos, arlilace not includlilace d. :)All itlilace ms usually ship within a wlilace lilace k. If you nlilace lilace d it quickly, pllilace aslilace purchaslilace thlilace USPS priority shipping upgradlilace , (USA only). Thank you!

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