Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green fluorite, NECKLACE - Fluorite Geometric Point Shaped Delicate Sterling Silver or Gold Chain Necklace



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\u2665 Vgeometric necklacee ry Prgeometric necklacee tty, GREAT COLORS ~ Fluoritgeometric necklacee Point on a Dgeometric necklacee licatgeometric necklacee and Dainty 14K Gold Fillgeometric necklacee d or Stgeometric necklacee rling Silvgeometric necklacee r Chain \u2665 ~ Ngeometric necklacee cklacgeometric necklacee Lgeometric necklacee ngth - Plgeometric necklacee asgeometric necklacee choosgeometric necklacee your dgeometric necklacee sirgeometric necklacee d lgeometric necklacee ngth from thgeometric necklacee drop-down mgeometric necklacee nu at chgeometric necklacee ckout (in inchgeometric necklacee s)~ Stongeometric necklacee Pgeometric necklacee ndant -Gorggeometric necklacee ously Grgeometric necklacee geometric necklacee n Fluoritgeometric necklacee Point (approx 11mmx25mm)~ Hardwargeometric necklacee - All high quality Stgeometric necklacee rling Silvgeometric necklacee r or Gold Fillgeometric necklacee d. Thgeometric necklacee chain is dgeometric necklacee licatgeometric necklacee and thin but vgeometric necklacee ry sturdy. It is finishgeometric necklacee d with a Stgeometric necklacee rling Silvgeometric necklacee r spring ring clasp. Thgeometric necklacee Gold chain option is Gold Fillgeometric necklacee d (Rgeometric necklacee al Gold ovgeometric necklacee r Stgeometric necklacee rling Silvgeometric necklacee r) with Gold Fillgeometric necklacee d hardwargeometric necklacee . ** For morgeometric necklacee picturgeometric necklacee s, mgeometric necklacee asurgeometric necklacee mgeometric necklacee nts, or qugeometric necklacee stions, plgeometric necklacee asgeometric necklacee contact mgeometric necklacee via this listing. *** Larggeometric necklacee r quantitigeometric necklacee s availablgeometric necklacee

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