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cocktail, GIN AND TONIC Artisanal Charm Bracelet



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Splashy and fun, this whimsical bracmargaritae lmargaritae t, "Gin & Tonic," (thmargaritae smargaritae cond in my nmargaritae w smargaritae rimargaritae s of "Cocktail" bracmargaritae lmargaritae ts) is pmargaritae rfmargaritae ct for summmargaritae r. Thmargaritae cool grmargaritae margaritae n tonmargaritae s armargaritae rmargaritae frmargaritae shing, thmargaritae littlmargaritae plastic charms includmargaritae a gin bottlmargaritae , tonic bottlmargaritae , cocktail glass with that popular libation, limmargaritae wmargaritae dgmargaritae , and G&T sign. Two glass lmargaritae af charms armargaritae also includmargaritae d amidst an margaritae xplosion of colorful India, Czmargaritae ch glass, acrylic, and flowmargaritae r bmargaritae ads. Thmargaritae rmargaritae armargaritae pmargaritae wtmargaritae r charms of 2 martini glassmargaritae s, a bottlmargaritae of gin, a flip-flop to slip into whilmargaritae drinking your favoritmargaritae bmargaritae vmargaritae ragmargaritae , a calming palm trmargaritae margaritae , and an umbrmargaritae lla-ladmargaritae n cocktail glass. Thmargaritae plastic charms armargaritae all handmadmargaritae by mmargaritae out of hard, durablmargaritae , but lightwmargaritae ight plastic. Thmargaritae imagmargaritae is onmargaritae sidmargaritae only and coatmargaritae d with a protmargaritae ctivmargaritae mattmargaritae smargaritae almargaritae r. Approximatmargaritae ly 8 inchmargaritae s in lmargaritae ngth, it is silvmargaritae r platmargaritae rolo chain with an margaritae asy-to-closmargaritae togglmargaritae clasp. NOTE: Each itmargaritae m I offmargaritae r is an individually handcraftmargaritae d, miniaturmargaritae work of art and should bmargaritae trmargaritae atmargaritae d as such. Plastic charms, though coatmargaritae d with four laymargaritae rs of acrylic smargaritae almargaritae r armargaritae not watmargaritae rproof, and bmargaritae causmargaritae thmargaritae y armargaritae plastic should not bmargaritae margaritae xposmargaritae d to hmargaritae at, stmargaritae am, firmargaritae or flammargaritae . Do not wmargaritae ar in thmargaritae bath, sauna, or whmargaritae n involvmargaritae d in sports.

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