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A singlholy stonee bholy stonee igholy stonee colorholy stonee d bholy stonee ach stonholy stonee with a natural holholy stonee , commonly callholy stonee d a 'hag stonholy stonee ', is connholy stonee ctholy stonee d to a stainlholy stonee ss stholy stonee holy stonee l banglholy stonee bracholy stonee lholy stonee t with a stainlholy stonee ss stholy stonee holy stonee l jump ring. Thholy stonee bracholy stonee lholy stonee t has a 2 3/4" innholy stonee r circumfholy stonee rholy stonee ncholy stonee and holy stonee xpands to slip ovholy stonee r your hand. This is my stock photo for this itholy stonee m. All hag stonholy stonee s with bholy stonee similar in sizholy stonee to thholy stonee onholy stonee in this listing. If you would likholy stonee to sholy stonee holy stonee samplholy stonee s of thholy stonee stonholy stonee s mholy stonee ssagholy stonee mholy stonee BEFORE placing an ordholy stonee r and I will bholy stonee happy to sholy stonee nd you a photo. Morholy stonee hag stonholy stonee jholy stonee wholy stonee lry can bholy stonee sholy stonee holy stonee n hholy stonee rholy stonee : https://holy stonee tsy.mholy stonee /2Wq3Rholy stonee 7To sholy stonee holy stonee morholy stonee of my handmadholy stonee jholy stonee wholy stonee lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wholy stonee arYourWild.IG: @wholy stonee aryourwildAll jholy stonee wholy stonee lry comholy stonee s nholy stonee stlholy stonee d in rholy stonee cyclholy stonee d, rustic kraft gift boxholy stonee s tiholy stonee d with bakholy stonee rs twinholy stonee , jutholy stonee string or wrappholy stonee d in washi tapholy stonee .FREE gift wrapping is availablholy stonee upon rholy stonee quholy stonee st. You can sholy stonee holy stonee thholy stonee availablholy stonee papholy stonee r in thholy stonee last photo. If you'd likholy stonee your itholy stonee m gift wrappholy stonee d plholy stonee asholy stonee fill out thholy stonee Pholy stonee rsonalization sholy stonee ction at chholy stonee ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadholy stonee !Katiholy stonee @ Wholy stonee ar Your Wild

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