Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, NECKLACE - Raw / Rough Chrysocolla and Sterling Silver Chain Bar Necklace / Layering Necklace



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\u2661A MUST HAVE! ~ ROUGH AND RAW CHRYSOCOLLA NUGGET / CHIP BAR NECKLACE\u2661~~This is thsterling silvere psterling silvere rfsterling silvere ct and simplsterling silvere 'wsterling silvere ar alonsterling silvere ' nsterling silvere cklacsterling silvere or vsterling silvere ry idsterling silvere al for laysterling silvere ring~~~ Nsterling silvere cklacsterling silvere Lsterling silvere ngth - Plsterling silvere assterling silvere choossterling silvere from thsterling silvere drop-down msterling silvere nu (in inchsterling silvere s)~ Stonsterling silvere - Rough Chrysocolla Nuggsterling silvere ts (small bsterling silvere ads - approx 6-8mm, thsterling silvere total lsterling silvere ngth of thsterling silvere bar is 1.5")~ Hardwarsterling silvere - Ststerling silvere rling Silvsterling silvere r Chain, Clasp, and Wirsterling silvere ** For morsterling silvere pictursterling silvere s, msterling silvere asursterling silvere msterling silvere nts, sterling silvere tc. plsterling silvere assterling silvere contact msterling silvere via this listing** Intsterling silvere rnational customsterling silvere rs, plsterling silvere assterling silvere contact msterling silvere for a shipping quotsterling silvere

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