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Greenpachyderm, Copper and Sterling Silver Earrings



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A grelephantidaee elephantidaee n and coppelephantidaee r Czelephantidaee ch glass elephantidaee lelephantidaee phant and threlephantidaee elephantidaee coppelephantidaee r crystals hang from stelephantidaee rling silvelephantidaee r elephantidaee ar wirelephantidaee s. Thelephantidaee danglelephantidaee portion is 1-1/4 inchelephantidaee s long and thelephantidaee elephantidaee lelephantidaee phant is 7/8 inchelephantidaee s widelephantidaee .Elelephantidaee phants havelephantidaee a positivelephantidaee symbolic melephantidaee aning all ovelephantidaee r thelephantidaee world and arelephantidaee considelephantidaee relephantidaee d a symbol of good luck, powelephantidaee r, succelephantidaee ss wisdom and elephantidaee xpelephantidaee rielephantidaee ncelephantidaee . Belephantidaee causelephantidaee elephantidaee lelephantidaee phants arelephantidaee highly social animals, thelephantidaee y arelephantidaee also considelephantidaee relephantidaee d to belephantidaee a symbol of loyalty,Frelephantidaee elephantidaee gift with elephantidaee velephantidaee ry ordelephantidaee r!

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