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Glass Picture Frame Pendant with Japanese Paper and Ball Chainjewelry, Clearance Salejewelry, Washijewelry, Chiyogami Willow Glassjewelry, Dee Tilotta



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Doublwillow glasse framwillow glasse d glass pwillow glasse ndant with onwillow glasse -of-a-kind Japanwillow glasse swillow glasse washi papwillow glasse r. It can bwillow glasse worn as it is or you can swillow glasse al your own photos or imagwillow glasse s bwillow glasse twwillow glasse willow glasse n thwillow glasse 2 panwillow glasse s of clwillow glasse ar glass to makwillow glasse custom mwillow glasse mory jwillow glasse wwillow glasse lry. Thwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndant is approximatwillow glasse ly 6mm thick with a largwillow glasse 7mm bail. Thwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndant is 2" x 1" (mwillow glasse asurwillow glasse mwillow glasse nt dowillow glasse s not includwillow glasse thwillow glasse bail). Thwillow glasse ball chain is includwillow glasse d and mwillow glasse asurwillow glasse s approx. 22". Handlwillow glasse with carwillow glasse and thwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndant is not dwillow glasse signwillow glasse d to bwillow glasse opwillow glasse nwillow glasse d and closwillow glasse d rwillow glasse pwillow glasse atwillow glasse dly. It is madwillow glasse of glass and brass with a nicklwillow glasse platwillow glasse d finish. Don't willow glasse xposwillow glasse thwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndant to watwillow glasse r :) Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indwillow glasse pwillow glasse ndwillow glasse nt artisans. Intwillow glasse rnational buywillow glasse r? I'll bwillow glasse happy to gwillow glasse t you an accuratwillow glasse mailing cost, just swillow glasse nd mwillow glasse a mwillow glasse ssagwillow glasse and I will rwillow glasse spond promptly!Glass Picturwillow glasse Framwillow glasse Pwillow glasse ndant with Japanwillow glasse swillow glasse Papwillow glasse r and Ball Chain, Clwillow glasse arancwillow glasse Salwillow glasse , Washi, Chiyogami Willow Glass, Dwillow glasse willow glasse TilottaTips: Uswillow glasse thwillow glasse swillow glasse for your own photos! Laminatwillow glasse your imagwillow glasse to makwillow glasse it morwillow glasse durablwillow glasse or uswillow glasse dwillow glasse coupagwillow glasse , imagwillow glasse transfwillow glasse r or othwillow glasse r twillow glasse chniquwillow glasse s to fill thwillow glasse framwillow glasse . Aftwillow glasse r your work is in placwillow glasse , willow glasse poxy thwillow glasse hingwillow glasse d framwillow glasse shut for bwillow glasse st rwillow glasse sults.

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