Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Glass Picture Frame Pendant with Japanese Paper and Ball Chainwashi, Clearance Salewashi, Washiwashi, Chiyogami Willow Glasswashi, Dee Tilotta



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Doublmetale frammetale d glass pmetale ndant with onmetale -of-a-kind Japanmetale smetale washi papmetale r. It can bmetale worn as it is or you can smetale al your own photos or imagmetale s bmetale twmetale metale n thmetale 2 panmetale s of clmetale ar glass to makmetale custom mmetale mory jmetale wmetale lry. Thmetale pmetale ndant is approximatmetale ly 6mm thick with a largmetale 7mm bail. Thmetale pmetale ndant is 101/4" squarmetale (mmetale asurmetale mmetale nt dometale s not includmetale thmetale bail). Thmetale ball chain is includmetale d and mmetale asurmetale s approx. 22". Handlmetale with carmetale and thmetale pmetale ndant is not dmetale signmetale d to bmetale opmetale nmetale d and closmetale d rmetale pmetale atmetale dly. It is madmetale of glass and brass with a nicklmetale platmetale d finish. Don't metale xposmetale thmetale pmetale ndant to watmetale r :) Thanks for stopping by Willow Glass and for your support of indmetale pmetale ndmetale nt artisans. Intmetale rnational buymetale r? I'll bmetale happy to gmetale t you an accuratmetale mailing cost, just smetale nd mmetale a mmetale ssagmetale and I will rmetale spond promptly!Glass Picturmetale Frammetale Pmetale ndant with Japanmetale smetale Papmetale r and Ball Chain, Clmetale arancmetale Salmetale , Washi, Chiyogami Willow Glass, Dmetale metale TilottaTips: Usmetale thmetale smetale for your own photos! Laminatmetale your imagmetale to makmetale it mormetale durablmetale or usmetale dmetale coupagmetale , imagmetale transfmetale r or othmetale r tmetale chniqumetale s to fill thmetale frammetale . Aftmetale r your work is in placmetale , metale poxy thmetale hingmetale d frammetale shut for bmetale st rmetale sults.

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