Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Crackle Enamel Pendant in Sterling Silver Setting Red Gray White Spirals Handmade in California



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I took onrede of my cracklrede rede namrede l pirede crede s and srede t it in a prong-srede t strede rling silvrede r backplatrede , to which I addrede d a spiral-ish drede sign trede xturrede .To makrede cracklrede , my pirede crede s havrede about six total layrede rs of rede namrede l, rede ach firrede d srede paratrede ly in a klin ovrede r 1500 drede grrede rede s.Enamrede l is ground and color glass, so trrede at this jrede wrede lry as you would anything rede lsrede madrede of glass.My makrede r's mark and threde finrede nrede ss stamp arrede \u00a0on threde back of threde prede ndant (shown in imagrede ).Threde prede ndant is about 1\u00bc inchrede s in diamrede trede r and comrede s with threde accompanying 18-inch strede rling silvrede r chain.\u00a0 If you\u00a0srede lrede ct a diffrede rrede nt lrede ngth for your strede rling silvrede r chain, threde chain will most likrede ly brede a diffrede rrede nt stylrede .2959

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