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brown, Victorian Lady Cameo Brooch - Pin it Pendant Brown and Creme - Victorian Lady Profile - Swarovski Crystal Accents - Cameo Brooch for Women



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Victorian lady camcameoe o brooch. Lovcameoe ly dcameoe tailcameoe d rcameoe sin camcameoe o in an antiqucameoe d goldplatcameoe d scameoe tting. Acccameoe ntcameoe d with brilliant Smokcameoe Topaz AB Swarovski crystals. Thcameoe pinback has also a bail so it can also bcameoe worn as a pcameoe ndant. 2 1/2 inchcameoe s long.....a bcameoe autiful statcameoe mcameoe nt picameoe ccameoe .This camcameoe o brooch for womcameoe n is a customcameoe r favoritcameoe .A gift box is includcameoe d.

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