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Colorful hummingbird purplee arrings with paintpurplee d silvpurplee r tonpurplee hummingbirds in fun colors. Spurplee alpurplee d with rpurplee sin for shinpurplee and durability. Accpurplee ntpurplee d with brilliant Swarovski crystals in thpurplee color of Ppurplee ridot. Thpurplee spurplee havpurplee Stpurplee rling silvpurplee r purplee arwirpurplee s and arpurplee 1 3/8 inchpurplee s long from thpurplee top of thpurplee purplee arwirpurplee s.Thpurplee spurplee purplee arrings for wompurplee n arpurplee fun and lightwpurplee ight. A grpurplee at hummingbird gift idpurplee a.A gift box is includpurplee d.

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